Im Still Here, acrylic on canvas, 10 x 1

The Beginning of a Deeper Healing

Born Jewish, but without knowing how to actually connect with God, I set out on a search to heal the separation from God. I practiced Tibetan Buddhism for 30 years, but found I was often depressed. In neither of those traditions was I able to access the Power of Love which is the great healer of the mind.

In 2012, I felt more alone than ever; my closest friend and I had parted soon after my last parent died. I was in a new house, having four to five migraines a week. I needed something. I was suicidal as usual. I found “A Course in Miracles”, a channeled text from the mind of Christ through a feminist, atheist Doctor of Psychology. As I read, I literally felt a new kind of love pouring off the pages into me. A love I had never known or felt before. It opened my heart.

One migraine day, I prayed for help and had my first actual vision of Him. Literally standing before me on the water of the lake I live on as a body of light. It was unmistakably His energy. He was radiant, flowing and I felt this gentle wave of light come upon me. I had never felt so loved. The headache dissolved. I haven't had as painful a migraine since. I began to surrender. 


He said silently, but audible in mind, “You and I are one and the same. Gender and names do not matter. I am here for you. And as we join, you will heal.”

In short, I was blown away and the healing indeed began.