About Us

lesly benditsky

My work is about transition: between time and space, light and shadow, heaven and earth, between this world and the worlds unseen. My brush is the go-between, dancing across the canvas to unite a painting’s various elements the way a musical note brings silence and sound together symphonically.

My gently abstract landscapes are inspired by the natural beauty around me, and inner visions. I am particularly attracted to sky – infinite,  ever-changing, always there, always the same, never the same. Light is a constant in my work, the challenge is how to play it. Peeking through the clouds, shining on  a lake in diamond light, illuminating the ambiguity  between the peace and the fury of a rolling ocean. More recently, I have begun adding some living creatures: a single bird, human figures, angelic beings, together and alone.

I always notice how people suddenly go quiet as they respectfully gaze upon artwork; it is this sense of both inner and outer peace I want to convey in my work. I see my paintings as a sanctuary from the seeming chaos of this world, as much for those who view them as they are for me in creating them. It is a meditative art practice.

The fact that I teach art also informs my practice; it gives me an opportunity to regard the whole artistic process with a gentle appreciation, whether I’m looking at  my own work or that of students. I am passionate about  passing on what I learn and finding ways to effectively share it with others.